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  Downtime of all essential D-PHYS servers on Saturday
Under Construction Posted by Axel Beckert on Wednesday October 01, @02:19PM
from the stay at home dept.
This Saturday, 4th of October 2008, we will move most of the D-PHYS servers to the new server room in the HIT building. This results in a downtime of nearly all ISG D-PHYS services from approx. 9am to approx. 6pm, including but not limited to file servers, mail server, web server, authentication servers, backup servers, etc. DHCP will continue to work.

Update, Saturday, 20:00: Nearly all services are back again from the new server room in the HIT building. Update 21:00: ftp.phys, webhome, the FlexLM license server and the Condor server are back, too. Update 00:40: The performance and stability issues with the home directory file server are solved, too.

Among others the move affects the following services which cannot be used on Saturday:

  • Sending mail via the D-PHYS mail server
  • Reading mails online via IMAP, Webmail or SSH
  • Our Linux and MacOS X workstations (the necessary file and authentication servers are offline). Long running jobs should not run over the weekend.
  • Home and group drives/directories
  • the D-PHYS website and many other D-PHYS hosted websites
  • Changing the password or mail configuration
  • MySQL databases

You will be able to work locally on your laptop unless you need files from your D-PHYS home directory or group drive, but * hostnames won't work on Saturday either.

Microsoft Security Bulletin for October 2008 | Microsoft Security Bulletin for September 2008  >


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