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  E17 Window Manager
E17 Posted by Christian Herzog on Friday May 02, @01:08PM
from the eye-candy dept.

If you are like me and feel that FVWM does not meet your expectations of a modern window manager, but at the same time don't like the bloat of KDE or Gnome, you might want to give Enlightenment a try. It is extremely fast, sports many amazing-looking themes, and has been my WM of choice for many years now.

Read on to learn how to use E17 on our managed Linux workstations (including thin clients)
While a stable version of E17 hasn't been released yet, we maintain an up-to-date build on our Linux workstations. It's sufficiently stable for everyday use - in fact 3 ISG members use it as their main WM. If you want to try for yourself, the easiest way is to create .Xsession in your home directory:


#start gnome USB stick automounter
gnome-volume-manager --sm-disable

#load background image for transparent Eterms
/usr/bin/Esetroot ~/PATH/IMAGEFILE

#merge Xdefaults if you need them
xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults&

#start e17
exec /opt/e17/bin/enlightenment_start

This will start E17 as your window manager each time you log in.

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