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  Hardware Exchange of Server Gateway Schilt
Under Construction Posted by Axel Beckert on Sunday April 01, @11:32PM
from the no-1st-of-april-joke dept.
On Tuesday, the 3rd of April between 20:00 and 22:00 we will be exchanging the hardware of our gateway to the D-PHYS server subnet named "schilt". This will result in one or more network outages with a duration of several minutes.

Update 22:00: Since about 21:05 the server network is reachable again and exactly two hours after locally preparing the migration all our tests have shown that the migration went fine and everything works again. Thanks for your patience.

Please do not run any long running jobs during that time since the file servers won't be reliably reachable during that time. Ideally you shouldn't use any computer which needs the file servers at all during this time. Read on for detailed information.

schilt is the gateway and firewall in front of our file, mail, web and authentication servers as well some more small infrastructure servers. This means that neither the file servers will be available during the short network outages nor logging in or reading mail from the outside will possible. Also the websites hosted at D-PHYS won't be available during that time.

schilt is now over five years old and has started to become less reliable. Besides a raising number of small network hangers of a few seconds, it recently had one unexpected reboot.

With the new hardware we expect to eliminate those hangers as well as getting better network performance between clients and servers in general.

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