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  Local Root Exploit in Linux 2.6.13 to
Linux Posted by Axel Beckert on Thursday July 13, @01:47PM
from the g0t-0wn3d? dept.
As Paul Starzetz recently noted on Full Disclosure, the vulnerability CVE-2006-2451 / BID 18874 in the Linux Kernel 2.6.13 up to and is not only a Denial of Service vulnerability as described in some advisories, but can also be used to get root access as a normal local user (and via SSH of course also remotely). The vulnerability has been fixed in kernel versions and, but an easy to understand exploit has been posted to the security mailing list Bugtraq, so it won't take long until script kiddies will try to use it where ever they can.

So if you run one or more boxes with Linux Kernel 2.6 in your group or institute which is not managed by us, please upgrade the kernel as soon as possible to prevent hostile take-overs of these boxes. Most of the workstations managed by us still run Linux Kernel 2.4 which is not affected and those which run Linux Kernel 2.6 have been already updated.

Some security news sites suspect that the break-in on the box gluck yesterday was accomplished using this vulnerability.

Update 20:50h: The guess was right: According to a posting on the Debian News list, the computer gluck was compromised using a compromised developer account and CVE-2006-2451. This means that this vulnerability is really being used in the wild to compromise computers.

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