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  Again crash fileserver foostock
Outage Posted by Fabian Wenk on Sunday June 04, @07:14PM
from the sysadmin-really-never-has-weekend dept.
At around 18:20 this evening our fileserver foostock, which holds all the home and group directories and our print service, crashed again without any reason. After a manual reset (which had to be done in the data center), the server is back online since 18:55. The background filesystem check is still running, so performance will be degraded for some more hours.
We apologise for the inconvenience we caused by this.

This was the second crash without any information form the kernel debugger about the cause of the crash.
As the system already was down, I have activated the BIOS watchdog to reset the system if it will freeze again. This does not solve the yet unknown problem, but will hopefully rebootet the system itself. So it is not needed, that somebody has to go on locaction during the weekend and this will give us a shorter outage in the future.

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