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  Another migration home directories
Under Construction Posted by Fabian Wenk on Friday December 23, @07:43PM
from the doing-some-kind-of-emergency-work dept.
UPDATE! Because of an other crash of the current fileserver we will migrate one day earlier.
On Saturday, 24. December at 17:00 we will start moving the home directories to an other server. This will take serveral hours, during which the home directories are limited to read only access. If everything works as expected this will be finished at around 22:00 and the home directories are accessible again. Update informations will be posted here.
Read on for more important informations.

Update: Migration completed at 20:30

To protect you from losing or corrupting any of your files, it is best to log out before the migration.

Before the move of the files we will stop all user processes on our managed Linux and Mac workstations. After the migration we need to do this once more.

Since we have switched to the generic names for our services, the home directories will still be accessible the same way as before, so you don't have to change anything.

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    Re: Another migration home directories
    by Prakash on Saturday December 24, @11:26PM
    "Migration completed at 20:30" but still the file system is "Read only" (at 23:18). When the file system is expected to be accessed in the normal way?

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    • Re: Another migration home directories
      by Fabian Wenk on Sunday December 25, @01:06AM
      Hello Prakash

      Only the file system of the old server is read only. Somehow the workstation menhit did not completely unmount from there and was still using it to access your home directory. Other users on menhit got access to the home on the new server. I rebooted menhit remotely, but this did not complet yet. I will go to ETH on Sunday to see what happend to this workstation.


      PS: We prefer support questions to be sent to

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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