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  2nd outage home drive file server
Outage Posted by Fabian Wenk on Monday November 28, @05:29PM
from the early-closing-time dept.
Around 17:00 this evening our file server was not able to access the file system again. But this time the whole system which force us to hard reset it. Currently a file system check is running.
If everythings works fine the server should be back online at 17:45. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Update: Server is back online since 18:00

I was searching for files belonging to one user which is over quota but had much less data in the home as quota was showing. This step was going over the whole file system where the home drives are. This operation probably has touched the same broken spot on one of the hard disk again and those locked all file system access while the operating system still was waiting for answer from the disk subsystem which never arrived.

After the server was back online I had a chance to do some checks. At boot time a quotacheck should be run automatically, but it was still disabled due to the problem we had on 28. October. I did run it manually and also enabled it that it will run again automatically at the next reboot.

After the manually run of the quotacheck also the quota problem of the above mentioned user was partly solved (eg. the difference between the data and the quota was much less then before). So I still need to find some other files which also belong to this users but are located in some other folders.

The hard disks of schabell (our file server) where replaced with new ones prior to the new installation of the operating system and migration of the home drives on 27. October. I do not think, that we have a hardware problem, but that the not always correctly reported quotas created the problems of today.

A big sorry from us and we apologise for the inconvenience we caused you today with this two outages.

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