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  Again forced reboot of file server
Outage Posted by Fabian Wenk on Tuesday November 15, @12:44PM
from the this-was-not-our-intention dept.
Around 12:25 we where trying to correct the reporting information from the RAID controller. Usually this does not cause any trouble to the system itself, but locked us the whole system and we where forced to reboot it. Currently there is a file system check running.
If everythings works fine the server should be back online at 13:00. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Update: Server is back online since 12:55

Here are some more technical details:

When we returned from lunch we saw the yellow face at our BigBrother website for the raid test of schabell (which hopefully is green now). We then wanted to check why the output for the MegaRAID was missing, and only the second half of the output was there.

We used the megarc utility to check the status of the RAID. At one point we did not get any output and then typed Ctrl-c to interrupt the program, which then obviously locked the RAID controller and so the whole system. This forced us to press the reset button at the server. The following file system check was needed to have the 600GB of disk space in a clean state for using it.

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