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  Changes in printing
Linux Posted by Beat Rubischon on Monday November 07, @03:16PM
from the less-troubles dept.
During the last months, we had several problems with our printers. Random crashes gave us and our users headache. In a first step we moved the printers into a private network, the second step is now done directly on our Linux workstations. Please read on in case you are printing from our workstations.

A fast way to crash a printer is to embed EPS files in a TeX document and process it through psnup. The resulting file is viewable in gs or gv, but not printable. The Postscript® interpreter of a typical printer will be confused by the several showpage commands included in the file.

To fix such files, we decided to include a pass through gs inside of the lpr command. This approach takes some seconds to process the data, but protects us from corrupt data which kills the printer.

Windows systems using SMB or LPR printing, MacOS X using Cups or LPR printing and even Cups enabled applications on our Linux workstations are not affected - they usually generate clean Postscript.

We will improve printing in the next days and like to give you the possibility to see the queue of a printer or kill your jobs.

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