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  Mailbox Archival Confusion
Annoucements Posted by Elmar Heeb on Friday September 09, @02:51PM
from the Informatikdienste-screwed-up dept.
These days you may get an e-mail referring to some Enterprise Vault coming from ETH. For most members of the Department of Physics this mail is irrelevant and can be ignored. If you want to know more about the confusion read on.

Informatikdienste are operating a mail server for the students and some organisational units of ETH. They were running out of space and have installed a new archival system called Enterprise Vault. Now they are informing their users about the switch to the new structure.

Members of the Department of Physics are using a separate mail system that is not affected by the announced change of the Informatikdienste server. For technical reasons their server knows about our accounts and has started to send out these announcments. For our accounts these announcements were in error and can be ignored.

A remark about archiving: an archive is storing data so that it can be removed from the original server freeing up some space. A backup on the other hand is a copy of data to help against loss due to hardware failure or mismanipulation. With a backup the data is still stored on the server. Our current policy for the D-PHYS mail server is to keep all your mail folders on the server and perform daily backups. There is currently no plan to change this policy.

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