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  Tiger still overslept?
Apple Posted by Beat Rubischon on Monday May 09, @03:17PM
from the bananasoftware dept.
Since April 29, MacOS X Tiger is available. We have collected first experiences in our group and are not yet happy with Apple's last version of their great MacOS X.

We found the following show stoppers: Many more problems are reported by several people on the web, but not yet confirmed by us:
  • Filesharing over SMB is sometimes broken
  • All tools using kernel modules (mice, cams, VPN, etc.) are broken
  • Fans in G5 desktops and G4 notebooks are running full speed
  • Entourage folders stops Spotlight from indexing disks
  • Some of the upgraded machines work really slow and needs a clean installation

Early adaptors should have a look at some webpages to be informed:

Spotlight - the new search tool - and Dashboard - a information center - are nice toys, but they don't make it worth enough to accept the existing problems. We will track future developement and keep you up to date.

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    Re: Tiger still overslept?
    by Matthias Troyer on Tuesday May 10, @12:23AM
    Let me add a couple of my experiences:
    • While indeed the Cisco VPN client is not working, the built-in Apple one now seems to work with the ETH VPN server
    • Virtual PC on my powerbook was able to access the network after I restarted the PC
    • On my G4 powerbook the fan is not running more than before, but the battery seems to still drain a bit faster than before.
    • My biggest problem though is that the new developer tools no longer install gcc-3.1. That's a problem for our ALPS codes, since gcc-4.0 crashes with an internal compiler error, and Apple's version of gcc-3.3 needs 2 GB of memory when optimization is turned on. Luckily the upgrade leaves a previous gcc-3.1 installation almost fully intact and that can be used as a temporary solution until the gcc-4.0 problem is fixed.

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    Re: Tiger still overslept?
    by helmut on Tuesday May 10, @08:15AM

    did a fully install on a brand new powerbook (my wife's) and here some comments:

    * interestingly the installer "forgot" to install all utilities even though i asked for a vanilla install. i had to go back and ad the missing packages by hand.

    * performance-wise the thing seems to run well, but the X11 server freezes the xterms when the system is put to sleep. in addition, the system crashed with no apparent reason last night after a couple of days of 'standard' working on it. it seems that X11 is now very flakey. also: i thought they would integrate it into the OS, but it seems to be the same than before...

    * i have an older G4 (866 MHz) powerbook and i am glad i did not upgrade: i have heard from simon trebst that some functionalitites can barely be handled byt he cpu (spotlight) and that others are simple chopped out by the OS (transitions in keynote, ripples in dashborard when adding a widget). thus it seems that if you have an older mac you might want to by a new machine together with the new OS release. thus, if you have an older box, i recommend against the new OS.

    * for the fink users: only a source version available which *most* packages not yet supported.

    * the ssh server does not seem to work any more under tiger.

    * for the astronomers: all astro software (such as ds9, iraf, ...) are already supported for tiger and have been successfully tested.

    * as for new features: i think most new things are mere eye candy. spotlight does not seem to do anything better than the previous locate. the dashboard is an appelized version of the konfabulator, the automator does not seem to be of much use (at least to me). the only thing i drool over is the two-finger scrolling (but that is more a hardware thing than software) and the RSS screensaver with the news.

    * ichat witht he new H.264 compression does only seem to work if both parties have it installed (and there is no new version for the older OSes yet). if you want to make a conference video call, you need (i have been told, not verified) one party with a G5 or a dual G4. i guess that pretty much kills the laptops...

    summary: not worth it. the OS seems to be more a bug-fix to 10.3x with more candy attached, but at the price of stability: my system running 10.39 never crashes. my wife's 10.4 has little strokes, heart attacks and even well pass out once in a while...
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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