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  Mail server maintenance
Under Construction Posted by Beat Rubischon on Saturday February 05, @05:27PM
from the spam-spam-spam dept.
Monday, February 7, we will upgrade Spamassassin, the spam filter on the mail server. We will start around 18:00 and assume the upgrade will take about 4 hours. You will be able to read and send mails, but you would not get new mails during upgrade.

Update: 01:10 upgrade is done and mail will now be delivered
Update: 05:00 all mail is processed. Have fun!

All mails will be spooled and delivered after the upgrade.

The upgrade of the bayesian databases (each user has it's own) took much longer as calculated - several databases werde corrupted or blown up by badly encoded attachements. We deleted about 20% of the databases and assumes that those users will get some more spams during the next days. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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