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  Outage file server sardona
Outage Posted by Fabian Wenk on Thursday January 27, @04:28PM
from the 40-minutes-out-of-order-and-now-again-running dept.
This morning around 10 minutes past 11 o'clock sardona, our file server which holds all the home directories, rebooted without an apparent reason after running flawlessly for over 200 days. As this server has a 600 GB file system, which holds around 410 GB of files, the file system check took a little longer and the server was back online around 10 minutes before 12 o'clock. So this outage took around 40 minutes.
We would like to apologise for the outage this morning.

Cynics would say this reboot was related to the upgrade planned for later this year (upgrading from FreeBSD 4.x to 5.x). I just happened to be thinking about the upgrade and the next thing I noticed was that the server was rebooting.

Currently we have two file servers, sardona with around 600 GB for the home drives and schabell with around 550 GB (300 GB + 250 GB) for the group drives. As the need for additional disk space especially for group drives is increasing we will order a new server (schibe) with around 1.5 TB (1500 GB) of disk space, so we can move the group drives over there.

Then the hardware of schabell is free and we can upgrade it with bigger harddisks to get also more space to distribute the home drives on two servers. For the migration we plan to install schabell with FreeBSD 5.x and then move all the homes away from sardona over to schabell.

Then sardona is free to do the same new installation of the operating system and then move the half of the homes back to it.

So probably sardona was reading my mind and realized that there will be a time at which it will not be needed and spontaneously decide to reboot to show us that it is still important to us.

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