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  Kernel Bug
Linux Posted by Beat Rubischon on Thursday January 13, @03:54PM
from the only-smp-affected dept.
Paul Starzetz found the next bug in the Linux kernel. In this case, only multiprocessor machines are affected. We will reboot the machines running a SMP kernel on Friday, January 14, 06:30 ~ 07:30.

The following machines are affected:

Seminar cluster
accra (P4)
asmara (P4)
baku (P4)
belmopan (P4)
canberra (P4)
luanda (P4)
makat (P4)
malabo (P4)
maseru (P4)
ottawa (P4)
quito (P4)
roseau (P4)
riga (P4)
valletta (P4)
yaren (P4)

ITP cluster
amset (P4)
amun (P4)
khons (P4)
mnevis (P4)
neper (P4)
sphinx (P3 x2)
tefnut (P4)

Astro cluster
badb (K7 x2)
dagda (K7 x2)
danu (K7 x2)
gwydion (K7 x2)
lugh (K7 x2)
ogma (K7 x2)
taranis (K7 x2)

IPP cluster
hydros (PII x2)
kamor (Xeon x2)
luna (PII x2)
niihau (PIII x2)

2.4.29-rc2 is fixed, a patch for 2.6 is available. 2.2 is also affected, but hopefully no longer used on SMP systems.

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