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  Happy new year!
Annoucements Posted by Beat Rubischon on Friday December 31, @02:35PM
from the yet-another-year dept.
Some hours and 2004 is gone. A lot of things happend - near 100 newpostings were written this year. Time to see back and collect the most important events for our team and look out for the next year.

Manpower was a challenge. Two attempts were needed to get a new co worker. The support for you was not always on the desired level and we apologize our rare time four you. Space in our office was made during a office renovation and we have now a clean and practical office for our work.

Security related problems were different to the last year. We had no longer "big bangs" like Slammer, Blaster or Nachi. But much more small problems with usually only a small amount of affected computers. We found also several hacked machines out of the time during August '03 which were activated after a long time.

All systems received a lot of patches against discovered security problems. Each common operating system had its own problems this year and following the security lists was a daily job. While the managed workstations were patched by us, we depend on you that your personal computers are up to date. Discovered holes are typically used within hours. The last big bugs in IE or PHP were abused after less then 24 hours!

Our servers worked usually without problems. We had a reliability of > 99.9% with the exception of the mail- (99.6%) and webserver (99.6%) - see detailed statistic. The summer 2004 was less hot then 2003 and many more disks survived the hot days.

This year was more consolidation then 2003. No big changes were done, no big updates around. But a look in our crystal globe shows several challanges for 2005: Debian Sarge should be released and we need to upgrade our Linux based servers and workstations. FreeBSD 5 is now state of the art and the FreeBSD based servers need a reinstallation. MacOS X Tiger should be released in May and we would upgrade our workstations. Since Service Pack 2 for Windows XP is now grown - rumors says that the $300'000'000 update fixes more then 20'000 security relevant bugs - and should be distributed in the Departement of Physics. Finally, NETng will be deployed and will give us several weeks of work. Don't forget 150 years ETHZ and the World year of Physics.

We are motivated to pack this work and wish everyone a successful 2005!

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