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  Let's chat! - Part II
Tip of the week Posted by Beat Rubischon on Friday December 10, @02:29PM
from the tippeditappeditippeditappedi dept.
Last week, you found a posting about IRC, now we present you with our Jabber server a second service. Jabber is an instant messanger and designed for communication between two persons.

Jabber is like ICQ, AIM, MSN, or Yahoo instant messanger, but free and distributed. With your D-PHYS account, you get an jabber ID <your login> Choose a client, enter your jabber id and your password and start chatting!

You find some documentation and a Readme how to use Jabber. Even more, you will find a java based client which allows you to chat without installing a Jabber client.

All Mac users will like Jabber when MacOS X Tiger will be ready - iChat AV will have a Jabber backend.

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