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  New webmail
Annoucements Posted by Beat Rubischon on Thursday October 14, @12:53PM
from the yahoo-hotmail-gmx dept.
Our webmail needs an upgrade and we decided to switch to a new software. Beginning on monday, 18 October, you will get a different webpage when accessing You will find additional functions like calendar and todo list. Your addressbook will be converted to the new program.

The current webmail is based on IMP 2.2.6 which is no longer supported. Modern versions of IMP look completely different and are not intuitivly usable for people who do not use webmail often.

The new webmail is based on TWIG, a small but fast webmail with additional features like access to newsgroups, calendar, todo and meetings. Despite of the rich functionality, it is easy to use and also fast on slow internet connections. It does not require JavaScript, Java or ActiveX.

You can also define groups and share your calendar. Feel free to ask us in case of troubles.

Here are direct links to both webmails:

The old webmail will continue to work for some days to help you migrate.

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    Date fix
    by Beat Rubischon on Tuesday October 19, @10:23AM
    Twig sends out all mails in GMT. Usually not a problem, but not typical in Europe. We patched now Twig to generate all mails in local time. See our patch.
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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