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  Worldwide file access
Network Posted by Beat Rubischon on Tuesday October 12, @10:40AM
from the no-more-filtering dept.
Access to our fileservers winhome, windata, machome and macdata is now possible from remote locations without using VPN or totally insecure protocols like FTP. Just connect to your network drives and exchange data!

In the beginning, the internet was the academic network - a tool to exchange data between universities. The massive deployment of Windows during the second half of the 90s gave our networking group problems with open shares. They decided to stop any SMB traffic from and to ETHZ.

During the last months, we consolidated our servers in a central place and are now able to open those to the world.

You should remember some little things:

  • It may be, that your ISP or University blocks outgoing SMB traffic. In this case, you need to use VPN to get access.
  • Only your password will be transfered encrypted. The data itself is transported plaintext. To protect your data, you need to use or SSH.
Data on Windows or MacOS X Workstations is still filtered and not accessible from the world. So put you essential stuff on the fileservers where you could access from everywhere and where we organize backups :-)

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