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  SSL in iMail, Eudora and Outlook
Security Posted by Beat Rubischon on Thursday September 23, @07:40AM
from the no-chance-for-sniffers dept.
During the last weeks, several users had problems using SSL together with our mailserver. We found a bug in the postfix configuration and we added some documentation about SSL in iMail. Please follow our documentation to enable SSL in your mailprogram.

SSL means Secure Ssocket Layer and is an easy way to encrypt the communication between your client and our server. You should enable SSL on all computers which are not permanently connected to the ETHZ network.

Password sniffers are everywhere and a sniffed login / password may be used to access your data. Even more, it may be abused to get access to our computers in your name and attack other computers or share copyrighted material.

Our mailserver did not accept connections to port 465 the right way and all mailprograms, which did not use TLS, were affected.

Feel free to send us feedback and additional screenshots of the configuration from your favorite mailprogram!

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