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  System-Administrator Linux/BSD
Annoucements Posted by Elmar Heeb on Wednesday September 08, @03:55PM
from the work-with-us dept.
  • Do you like to work daily with Linux and FreeBSD?
  • Do you like to use the right tool whether it's free or proprietary software?
  • Are you excited by the task to maintain servers and workstations directly on the internet without a firewall, yet keep them secure?
  • Are you stimulated by unusual and varied computing requirements in a research environment? Do you like to counsel and support creative and demanding co-workers?
  • Do you like to solve tricky tasks when pressed for time? Do you like develop solutions that you are free to publish under your own name?

Then you fit into our team. We maintain a server infrastructure almost exclusively with free software. There we also provide services for Windows and MacOS. We develop and run an infrastructure to fully automatically maintain a collection of currently about 140 Linux workstations. We work hard to find a solution to any kind of computer problem for our co-workers.

As we are a small group you will work on all tasks. You will be confronted with daily new challanges.

If you are interested in this job please send us your application. You will find the details on the web page:

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    Re: System-Administrator Linux/BSD
    by dummkopf on Wednesday September 08, @04:32PM
    hm... sounds tempting....
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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