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  Windows XP ServicePack 2
Microsoft Posted by Fabian Wenk on Tuesday August 17, @04:22PM
from the new-challenge-with-Windows-XP dept.
Microsoft has released the long announced ServicePack 2 for Windows XP (with many new security features) and since August 9th it is available for download (not yet through Windows Update / Automatic Update), it is also available from our server.

Update Mon, 12:58: According to the german news article Service Pack 2 via Auto-Update in den Startlöchern (English Google translation) is the english version rolling out through Automatic Update.

The most important new feature is the integrated firewall. As default the firewall is turned on.

We have tested some applications, some of them seem to work and some of them break. Sometimes a window pops up and tells that the firewall has blocked access for a certain program. When working as a normal user (which we recomand anyway), it is telling that only an administartor can change this setting on the firewall.

Applications / Services which run:

  • File- and Print-Services to our servers
  • Mozilla 1.7.1 to send/recieve mail with our server and for websurfing
  • McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 7.1.0
  • general websurfing
  • ssh (eg. with putty)
Applications / Services which run only after changes to the firewall:
Informations from news sources: Microsoft has also some informations online regarding Windows XP ServicePack 2 (including known problems): To temporarily disable the installation through Windows Update / Automatic Update follow this steps: If you still want to try out ServicePack 2 with the applications you need, feel free to do so. It would be a good idea to use a test installation or have an actual backup of your system ready, in case you need to recover the current installation. The SP2 is located on X:\Microsoft\WinXP\english\SP2\ (How to connect to the X: drive) ready to install, just double click the sp2-inst.cmd for an automatic installation, or start i368\update\update.exe.

We will appreciate any feedback about other applications or services which run or either need some changes to run, please feel free to post a comment.

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