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  Linux kernel bug
Linux Posted by Beat Rubischon on Thursday August 05, @08:14AM
from the the-next-one dept.
Paul Starzetz discovered a collection of problems (CAN-2004-0415) in the current 2.4 and 2.6 Linux kernels. Marcelo Tosatti included the fixes in 2.4.27rc5 and announced 2.4.27 for the next days. We need to patch and reboot all servers and workstations running Linux:

Thu Aug 5, 17:00 Student- and seminarworkstations (done)
Thu Aug 5, 20:00 Servers (done)
Wed Aug 11, 06:00 ITP, Astro, IPP and Solid workstations (done)

This time, some calculations between 64bit and 32bit file offsets are not protected against overflows and allows unpriviledged users to read large junks of kernel memory. Exploit is available.

Be sure to also upgrade your personal managed workstations or notebooks. RedHat has allready new kernels available and the other distributors will follow soon.

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