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  Spamfilter up to date
Annoucements Posted by Beat Rubischon on Thursday July 01, @12:59PM
from the spam-and-ham dept.
After the disk- and CPU-upgrade of our mailserver, it was the time to renew our spamfilter. More then 50% of the mails were filtered out allready and we hope that the new version will help to improve the filter.
We are now running the current version of Spamassassin. All mails with more then 5 points are kept back and not delivered to you. See the list of tests to see the tests which are done.

Much more improvements may be done by using Bayesian filters. A first stept is done directly in Spamasssassin, a second in several mailclients like Mozilla, iMail, Entourage etc.. To improve them, you need to tell your mailreader which mails are spam. Usually this is done by a button This mail is spam.

Now stop reading in case you have such a button in your mailclient :-)

Users of a console mailclient without integrated filters could train Spamassassin. See the manpage of sa-learn. To convert the mbx mailboxes on wiggis, use the command mbxcat direct on the mailserver. We use the following commands:

me@wiggis:~$ mbxcat /var/imap/m/me/read-mail > tempmail
me@wiggis:~$ sa-learn --ham --mbox --showdots tempmail
me@wiggis:~$ rm tempmail

me@wiggis~$ mbxcat /var/imap/m/me/spam-mail > tempmail
mw@wiggis:~$ sa-learn --spam --mbox --showdots tempmail
me@wiggis:~$ rm tempmail

Do this task at least once per month to adopt Spamassassin to typical spam you get.

And don't hesitate to install a modern mailclient in case this seems too complicated for you!

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