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  Happy holidays!
Tip of the week Posted by Beat Rubischon on Wednesday June 23, @08:39AM
from the holidays-without-troubles dept.
The temperatures outside are not that what we expect from a real summer, but in 10 days the current semester is finished and most of our users will have their holidays. Read on to see how you could set up a vacation message and access your mails and files from everywhere in the world!

Vacation aka Out-of-office reply
To inform people who writes you an e-mail, choose the point Mailsetup from the menu on the left. After entering your login and password, you could setup a vacation message and a forwarding to another mailadress.
Be sure to enter a Autoreply message which is sent to the writer of the mail an to switch on Enable autoReply.

Webmail on
is an easy way to access your mails from everywhere in the world.

Webhome on
Offers an easy access to your files from everywhere in the world.

Shell access
Shell freaks could access to one of our public workstations. Just remember the webpage and click on Student workstations or Seminar workstations. The names of the workstations and a is the adress to connect. In the Downloads section you find SSH-Clients for Windows and Classic MacOS. Linux, UNIX, BSD and MacOS X have typically ssh on board, see our tutorial.

After the holidays

First visit this webpage and follow the instructions! Last year, we had several worms like Blaster in our network and all computers switched on after the holidays were infected.
Second, change your password. Use the point Password from the menu on the left. When using webmail and webhome from an internet cafe, you type in your password and it's known that those passwords may be recorded and reused to break in. So change your password to protect yourself.

Happy holidays!

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