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  Microsoft Security Bulletin June 2004
Microsoft Posted by Fabian Wenk on Wednesday June 09, @07:10PM
from the no-games-no-risk dept.
Last night Microsoft has released the Security Bulletin Summary for June 2004.
Run Windows Update (with Internet Explorer) on all the Windows Workstations and Servers to install the Security Updates.

For detailed informations see the following bulletins:

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    Re: Microsoft Security Bulletin June 2004
    by Elmar Heeb on Friday June 11, @01:53PM
    Unfortunately, there is currently an attack on MS Internet Explorer making the rounds which affects even fully patched installations. You can read more on Netcraft, the BugTraq posting, The Register, or the detailed analysis.

    While waiting for a patch, you can avoid using MS Internet Explorer and use Mozilla instead. Mail programs like Outlook or Eudora are dangerous as well. They use Internet Explorer to display HTML pages. Be extra careful since a spam message may redirect you to such a bad web page.

    More importantly make sure you don't miss the next Microsoft security updates. With the holiday season approaching you should instruct your substitute system administrator about what to do with security updates. You may also want to keep workstations switched off while you are away and get an update on the current virus situation before you switch them back on when you come back.

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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