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  Expiring registrations
Network Posted by Beat Rubischon on Wednesday May 26, @01:38PM
from the no-network-after-long-holidays dept.
Some networks managed by us are only accessible for registered computers (announcement 1, 2 and 3). After creating some statistics, we decided to disable all registered computers after 45 days absence. This means, that you need to reregister your computer when it was not attached to our network for more then one and a half months.

45 days is not a lot and forces guests to reregister when they meet you twice a year. On the other hand, a PC not patched during the last 45 days is missing the large Security Update for Microsoft Windows which gives a hole for the worm Sasser and the Update for Help and Support Center which gives several problems in Internet Explorer. Linux users are missing the upgrade to kernel 2.4.26 which fixes more then 10 security holes. MacOS X users are missing security updates for at least 3 large problems in Safari.

Computers with an expired registration will show the same webpage as unregistered computers. Please follow those instructions to get your network access.

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