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  Organize your mails
Tip of the week Posted by Beat Rubischon on Wednesday May 19, @02:00PM
from the no-chance-for-chaos dept.
Each modern mailclient allows you to put your mails in different folders. Using IMAP, you could leave your mails on our mailserver and access them also on the road by Such an organisation is not only useful to retrieve mails, it's also the only way to break a limit of our mailserver.

We have two size limits on our mailserver:
  • 100 MBytes of unread mail
  • 2 GBytes size of a mailfolder
The first limit is simple to protect our server. Some people find it funny to fill someone elses mailbox with junk to punish him. This is called a mailbomb. Our BigBrother will alert us in such a case and stop overfilling the server.

May be you say: 2 Gigs of mail? I will never have this. It's possible. We have currently several users with more then 1 GBytes in one mailfolder. Mails with attachments or a sent-mail folder which is not moved away once a year could give such a big mailfolder. We had also one user with an INBOX of more then 2 GBytes. The problem is, that you will loose all mail above this limit without warning and you won't be able to access your mails until we repaired your mailbox.

How to avoid such problems? Organize your mails!

Each modern mailclient shows you a tree containing folders. You may create more folders and name them as you wish. You could also create folders containing subfolders - see our instructions. After that, you could move messages with the mouse out of the list of messages in those folders. It's like putting a mail in the trash - but in this case you put it into the archive.

Some people prefere to organise their mails in folders of a specific topic:

|- Sent Mail
|- Trash
|- ETH
| |- News
| |- Science
| |- Jokes
|- Private
| |- Susan
| |- Joe

Other prefere to organise their mails by date:

|- Sent Mail
|- Trash
|- 2002
| |- read-mail-jan-2002
| |- read-mail-feb-2002
| |- read-mail-mar-2002
| ...
| |- sent-mail-jan-2002
| |- sent-mail-feb-2002
| ...
|- 2003
| |- read-mail-jan-2003
| |- read-mail-feb-2003
| |- read-mail-mar-2003
| ...

You could also mix both versions - move all topics away once a year or put mailinglists in topic based folders and normal mail in monthly rotated folder or... You see, many possibilities. Choose the one which helps you most!

All modern mailclients have the possibility to distribute mails over more then one mailbox by rules. You create a mailbox Susan and let your mailclient to fill in all mails from her. Experienced users could install their procmail's .procmailrc (see also the samples) directly on the webserver wiggis using ssh.

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