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  Dynamic DNS entries
Network Posted by Beat Rubischon on Thursday April 08, @03:40PM
from the find-your-computer dept.
All computers in networks which get their IP from our DHCP server are now registered automatically in the DNS server. Read our article when you need to find your computer over the internet.

Several tools provides access to a computer from outside: OpenSSH for Linux, VNC and others. This are nice tools, but you need to know the IP or the name of your computer.

Give your computer a good name (LAPTOP is a bad idea :-). Each operating system has a different way to do that and we try to collect screenshots about this task and produce a nice Readme about this topic. Linux users must check their DHCP-Client settings to be sure that the name is provided to the DHCP-Server. Windows and MacOS X does this task automatically.

Now attach your computer to the network and wait some seconds. The computer will be registered under the name and reachable out of the world.

The registration is done on the base "first come first served". When two computers with the same name are attached to the network, the first one will get the DNS entry and will keep it as long as it is attached to the network.

In cases where you run a true server (like a webserver), please order a static IP.

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