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  Problems with spam
Annoucements Posted by Beat Rubischon on Thursday March 25, @11:34AM
from the spam-spam-spam dept.
Spam, also known as UCE or UBE or simply called junkmail, is the most frequently reason why we are contacted during these days. Read on to see why you get so much junkmail and why you get errors for mails you never sent.

Since a long time, we are using Spamassassin to filter out most of the spam mails. Some configuration may be done by you to improve this filter.

We see in our statistics that since the beginning of March the amout of filtered spam went down dramatically. We assume, that most of this spam is delivered to your mailbox.

It seems, that the spammers now use thousends of computers infected by a virus like MyDoom to send out their mails. The most effective protection against spam were the several Relay Black Lists which are useless against the myriades of hacked machines behind dynamic IPs of cable or ADSL internet. It's now possible to get 1000 mails from the same spammer - each mail is coming from a different computer in the world.

We are testing new aproaches to fight spam in our lab and will implement them in the next weeks. Please be patient and accept some spam mails in your mailbox. We will inform you on this site about changes in our mailserver.

The second problem are error mails (called bounces) for mails you never sent. The first time users get such mails, they will call us why this could happen.

In the internet, it is possible to send out an E-Mail with any sender address. There is no protection against lying! Modern spammers and virus send out mails with a wrong sender adress - because they don't want to see bounces or they like to trick out spamfilters. Such bounces are mails, which in normal situations help you to find failures in your E-Mails like wrong recipients - so we can't filter them out.

It's a sign of time that you get junk in your mailbox and several people think about the future of E-Mail. Some accept the junk because E-Mail is a nice and fast thing for communication, others simply stop reading E-Mails. We hope to keep your mailboxes as free as possible but we cannot guarantee a perfect world.

Thanks for your understanding!

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