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  Computer registration D-PHYS
Network Posted by Beat Rubischon on Monday February 02, @01:31PM
from the no-lan-for-unknown-hosts dept.
After the migration of ITP and HPF / HPT to registered only access to the network, we continue with the network of the departement ( Read on if you are managing a computer in this network.

Affected are all computers with an IP adress of 129.132.189.x.

You have time until Friday, 27. February to register your personal workstation or notebook, from Monday, 1. March on, only registered computers will get access to the network.

Users from other institutes may register their computers too - but it's not yet needed to get access. Come back to this site or subscribe our newsletter to get your migration date.

How does it work? Open your browser and go to

  • When you see the text You need to register this computer!, please print out the page and take some time to visit us in our office HPR E86.1 during office hours to register your computer.

  • When you see the text This computer is registered!, your computer is already registered.

  • When you see the text Not managed by the ISG D-PHYS!, your computer is not connected with one of our subnets and doesn't need to be registered.
Thanks for your cooperation!

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