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  Happy new year!
Annoucements Posted by Beat Rubischon on Wednesday December 31, @01:35PM
from the time-to-see-back dept.
Some hours and 2003 will be past. A quite turbulent year for our team. But read on for a short history...

Troubles with hardware were a big problem during this year - the unusual long and hot summer brought several diskcarashes. Most of them did'nt interupt the work because of a RAID or redundancy, but in February, August and December we had crashes where people could not access to their homes, e-mails or websites. Also a power loss stoped production.

A break in end of march gave us a lot of work reinstalling all Linux workstations. Half a year later, an attacker breaked in the the main servers of the Debian project.

Several migrations during this year gave us much more space and reliability in our services. A look over 2003 gives an average reliability of 99.93%. A consolidation of the servers in a central server room is near finished. The first goal for 2004 will be the switch off of sarapis. Be sure to use the new servernames.

Most of our unplaned work were virusses and worms for Windows workstations. Names as SQL-Slammer , W32.Blaster, W32/Sobig.f@MM and W32/Nachi were typical for this year. Also several problems with Internet Explorer and Windows patches gave a lot of work for us and the admins of your computers. As described in the new ICT Security regulations each machine needs to be maintained by a known person. We started to register personal workstations and notebooks to have a contact for each machine in our networks.

Spam was always a problem and since August, our statistics shows a massive increase of unwanted E-Mails.

We were able to announce several new services as our updated D-PHYS2 Linux setup, a new Debian mirror, the new online repository catalog and several other small things.

We will try to do our best and continue to improve our services. Feel free to contact us!

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