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  Where to get news?
Tip of the week Posted by Beat Rubischon on Thursday October 09, @11:07AM
from the holschuld dept.
As described in the ICT Security paper every system needs an administrator. The past weeks showed us, that a lot of systems don't have an admin or the admin is not aware of the current problems like new servernames, Windows patches or organisational changes. Read on for hints where to get such information...

Users of the Departement of Physics should at least read our Network Information Centre :-)
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Most ETH-wide information is distributed over Webboard or Messagetree. Take some minutes to select the boards or groups you need to know. In our team, we have subscribed all IT information and we have around 2 or 3 mails each day.

One of the best sources of security relevant information is BUGTRAQ. It's a mailinglist with about 40'000 ~ 50'000 subsribers and near all relevant problems or fixes are announced in this list. On the other hand, there are about 10 to 30 mails each day. BUGTRAQ should be subscribd in case you manage different systems (like MacOS, Windows and UNIX).

Another, old way of getting information are news. There are some newsgroup on beginning with ethz.* Not a lot of traffic, but several old sysadmins are there and may give help in case of a desaster.

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