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  No more site license for Eudora
Apple Posted by Beat Rubischon on Wednesday September 24, @10:24AM
from the banners-or-credit-card dept.
Eudora was the favorite mailclient in the past years for MacOS until version 9 and Windows. Licensing for ETHZ has changed for version 6 of Eudora. Please read on if you are using Eudora to read your mails.

Until version 5.2, you could get a banner free licensed Eudora from IDES. The prices for Eudora 6.x increased and the IT support decided to stop the site license for it. If you like to use Eudora 6.x, you could get the version containing advertisements or you need to buy a license yourself.

Eudora has a long story of security problems and many incompatibility on MacOS X. To use our mailserver over an encrypted link, you also need to patch your Eudora installation.

Because of those problems, we have migrated most of our directly supported workstations to Mozilla (Windows and Linux workstations) or Apple's iMAIL (MacOS X). We encurage you to switch also to one of those programs. Documentation how to configure email clients are in our readme-section.

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    Mouse stays busy toooo long when deleting e-mail
    by Phil Nickerson on Sunday October 26, @04:11AM
    Humble greetings O such an one, Have you ever heard of the mouse staying busy waaaaay too long when deleting an e-mail out of Eudora 6. Strange thing is, this doesn't happen 100% of the time ... probably about 50%. If you've any ideas as to overcoming this, please advise immediately. Thanks. Please respond privately. Phil Nickerson ----System Information Platform: Windows 2000 Machine Type: Intel System Version: 5.01.2600 Processor: Pentium II or III Model 8, Stepping 6 Physical RAM Installed: 785904 Kb Eudora: Version Mode: Paid Mode Registration #: 6797-7505-5865-2643 MSHTML Version: 6.00 WININET Version: 6.00
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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