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  New Servernames
Annoucements Posted by Beat Rubischon on Wednesday July 23, @11:17AM
from the new-names-for-new-servers dept.
For a long time, the names sarapis, feschti, firstlab and niihau represented our servers. Forget all about those names and read on how to reconfigure your personal Windows / MacOS / Linux workstation...

In the last weeks, we set up new servers for homedirectories, group drives and software. It's now the time to switch your clients over from the old servernames to the new names.

It will be the last change for your client in a while. We don't use the name of the server itself anymore, but we set up some generic names which can be moved between servers without reconfiguration of your client.

Now some instructions, what you need to do:

You are running a windows workstation

Several clients (most Win9x and some NT4 / Win2000) are using domain logon and you won't need to change anything. Your drives are mapped automatically to the right server. We are now able to set up any Windows workstation with domain logon and roaming profiles. Please contact us if you want this service.

Manual mapping of your homedrive should now go to
\\winhome\<your login>
or to \\\<your login> if you are outside of ETHZ.

Manual mapping of groupdrives should now go to
or to \\\<groupdrive> if you are outside of ETHZ.

More information may be found in our Readme.

There is also a new printserver - it's called
and gives you also then drivers for WinNT and Win2000. Check your network printers and disconnect those mapped to sarapis. Open \\printer in a explorer and reinstall those printers you need.

More information about printers in our Readme.

You are running a MacOS 7 / 8 / 9 workstation

To connect to your homedirectory, open the chooser, Appletalk and enter the servername machome. Select your homedirectory.

To connect to a groupdrive, open the chooser, Appletalk and enter the servername macdata. Select the groupdrive you like to connect.

Please check in the chooser and your clickstarter, that you are no longer connecting to sarapis. Use machome and macdata to access your files.

More information may be found in our Readme.

You are running MacOS X

MacOS X has two possibilities to access your home. Preferred is SMB, when you need to share files with older Macs, you should use AFP.

MacOS X workstations managed by the ISG won't need any change. Your homedirectory is mounted by NFS and already switched over to the new servers. When you connect to a group drive, please use the new name.

To access your homedirectory, open the menu Go to in the finder and select Connect to server. Connect to
smb://machome/<your login>
afp://machome/<your login>

To access to a group drive, open the menu Go to in the finder and select Connect to server. Connect to

See also our Readme about SMB and Readme about AFP.

You are using Linux with smbmount

Please connect to
smb://unixhome/<your login>
for your homedirectory and to smb://unixdata/<groupdrive>
Both servers supports the CIFS extensions. We can't yet give you more than a link to patches and documentation but we will improve the support for CIFS soon.

Feel free to ask us in case of questions!

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