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  Troubles with personal firewalls
Security Posted by Beat Rubischon on Friday July 04, @10:46AM
from the don't-drop-too-much dept.
Several private computers attached to the LAN of ETHZ have installed some kind of personal firewall. Often, this computers gets IP-numbers by DHCP - but a wrongly configured firewall will stop DHCP from working. Please test your computer and read on if the test was negative.

DHCP-servers use a simple ping to detect if your computer is still alive and offers IP-numbers if you don't respond. When you don't answer to this ping, your current IP may be offered to a different computer and both of them will have much troubles accessing the network.

Please disable the filter for PING (also known as ICMP-ECHO-REQUEST) or uninstall your firewall software and retest your computer.

To learn more about network security, see our readme.

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