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  Electrical Power Spikes over the Weekend
Outage Posted by Elmar Heeb on Monday March 24, @10:55AM
from the fixing-problems-is-fun dept.
Over the weekend ETH Hönggerberg -- and as we hear other places in Zurich -- experienced at least one and more likely a couple of power surges. This meant some of our computers got confused.
A power surge, as oppose to an power outage, may actually leave some computers running while others decide to reboot. This left us with a mix of problems when we came into our offices on Monday morning. We have fixed the different problems on our servers and most workstations by now and will continue to monitor the computers more closely during the next few hours.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we can only say, that the cause for these problems was out of our hands. We hear that other services at ETH also had their share of outages and we wish those people sucess in fixing them.

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