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  Restricted permissions on home directories
Annoucements Posted by Beat Rubischon on Monday November 11, @04:36PM
from the we-close-them-all dept.
Tonight, we are changing the permissions of all home directories from "world readable" to "completely closed". Read on, if you like to know why and how to change this back...

During the last years, we had a typical educational environment with world readable homes. Any user could set the permissions in the UNIX shell for those files, they don't want to show to other peoples. Several permissions on home directories were changed by the ISG after a request by the user.

This is no longer the solution in a environment, where most access is done by clients, which don't know about permissions. Moreover, most users assume that their home is completely closed.

Now we changed the default and closed every home.

It may be that you would like to change this default. You'll need a shell (e.g., via access to one of our Linux Workstations) and enter one of the following commands:

user@host:~$ chmod 711 .
-> Give access to your home to those people who know the filename

user@host:~$ chmod 755 .
-> Give read access to your home

user@host:~$ chmod 700 .
-> Close your home

More information in the man page of chmod.1

To publish pages of your personal web site you don't need to open your home directory.

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