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  Spamfilters on our Mailserver
Annoucements Posted by Beat Rubischon on Tuesday June 04, @01:37PM
from the no-chance-for-spam dept.
Since Friday, 17. May 02, every mail received by our Mailserver must pass a spamchecker. Spam - or with the real word UCE Unsolicited Commercial Email - is more and more an annoying thing found in all of our mailboxes. Over 20% of the delivered mails are unwanted advertising often containing pictures, scripts and other nasty things.
To protect you from spam, we have been using Relay Black Lists like ORDB for over a year. But since last December, more and more spammers send their mails directly to us. Now we have started to use Spamassassin. This is no longer a simple reject of a mail: Spamassassin checks a mail with more than 100 rules and gives every mail a rating. Mails with more the 5 points are not delivered and collected in a central mailbox.

The top scorer with 50.4 points was a mail from "Adriana". Her idea was to get you on a "free" sexsite...

Each day, we filter out between 500 and 1000 Mails. To be sure, that no false positive occurs, we go through this mailbox and send you mails which are not spam. This are usually not more than 2 to 3 mails each day.

A detailed statistics shows you how many mail passes our server and how many spammails and virusses are filtered out.

With the current setup, only locally delivered mails are checked. If you use a forward to another mailaddress, you won't get this service. May be it's time to switch to our mailserver. Learn more how to use it.

You may do a fine-tuning of the filter in the file ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs as descibed in the Spamassassin documentation.

Update April 2003: with the server upgrade (more disk space and postfix instead of sendmail) we have a new statistics page.

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